Sometimes we are told about causes that are of emergent nature, and so require donations as soon as possible. For such, we make a campaign separate of our monthly Donate a Dollar Project. This is a reminder that if we get more donations for our Donate a Dollar Project, we would not need to make separate campaigns; instead we will be able to donate to multiple causes each month with ease. 

Cancer Patient Sara Wants to Graduate


Last year, sister Sara got diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 20. Being Stage IV, the cancer had spread around her body, especially to her lungs. Treatment was started almost immediately - she had heart surgery in July followed by chemotherapy - and because of that she could not start the fall semester of her junior year.


By the end of the cycles, the results showed clearance of most of the tumors and the oncologists decided to start her on radiation therapy. Thus, she decided to enroll back into her college and continued as a Computer Information Systems / Finance student. She rejoined many of the clubs and organizations she was once a part of and even joined a few others on top of that.


Everything was going well. However, on April, she found out that the "inactive" cells in her lungs were still active and never actually deactivated. So, she started chemotherapy and the treatment did not resolve any issues; rather it added to her issues - she now has a 1 in 75 chance in developing breast cancer.


And as she started this new chemo, multiple expenses sprouted, from transportation fees, to tuition, and much more. She doesn't have a financial backing from her parents since her father was unemployed recently because the company he worked for was downsizing. Her mother meanwhile was busy taking care of her.


Alhamdulillaah she made it through up until now. After a recent lung biopsy, the doctors have said that she has no option but to undergo aggressive chemo once again. She started it and it was a success.

All this being said, she is now in her final year and wants to pursue for her degree. She has reached out for emergency grants at her college. Her tax refund is covering a third of her tuition and to hold her seats she did a payment plan on her credit card. To be able to continue school and graduate in May, she needs $2,100. Let's sacrifice a little for our sister in need and donate to her. 100% of the funds will go to her.