Imagine this. Every single month, without even thinking about it, you are helping the lives of countless Muslims. How? Contemplate on some basic math. We all know that there are many, many causes and many, many Muslims needing help.

Our MusCare Group has over 19,000 members and counting (MusNY has 22,000+). Ideally, if every single member of MusCare donates just $1 or $5 a month, that will raise $19,000 or $95,000! 

Think about how much help that will provide to those in need. If we do this every single month by donating recurrently, we can help many causes and that will be without us even breaking a sweat! 

So what do we ask? Simply click the "DONATE" button and follow the instructions to set up a monthly donation.


After you donate, we don't just keep you quiet - you have a say! Each month, the donations are going to specific causes and we let you know. At times, ask you to vote on which causes we should give to. 

One of our key focuses is helping our brothers and sisters living nearby. So if a family in struggling to pay rent because the father passed away or if a sister has nowhere to stay because she left her abusive husband (may Allaah make it easy for such people), we want to help. However, if there is a dire need for a cause at a particular month (ex: A crisis in Syria or a flood in Pakistan), then we will donate to only one cause.

You have another say. If you know of a cause that could use donations, send us an email at or message our Facebook page. We then go through an intense verification process to make sure the cause is legitimate. Once verified, we decide how we can help.